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A Family Heritage in Tailoring

The name Lofton is very well known in the tailoring industry of the Washington, DC. Metropolitan area for over 75 years. My Grandfather Joe Ceiphus Lofton left his home in Dale Texas in 1935 to bring his tailoring expertise to the North. Lofton Tailors became was known as one he most prestigious and only  Black establishments in the downtown Washington DC area. JC first opened the Lofton's School of Tailoring in Wash DC in the 1940s. The school was a timely asset to the to the community for its training of returning WWII disabled veterans. With such a high rate of success, J,C Lofton expanded into DC's number one custom tailoring business servicing everyone from local residents to congressmen and other high officials.

I am Kirkland Lofton the youngest grandchild and have shadowed my grandfather from a toddler always taking an interest in the trade. J.C made tailoring a family business teaching all of the grandchildren to sew. Three generations later and three of the grandchildren still keep the Lofton tradition  going strong.  Cheryl, Julius, and myself continue to work closely together to maintain the Lofton legacy, With two locations still going strong in the well known Shaw/Howard University  area of Washington Cheryl Loftons and J.C. Loftons, I decided to bring my experience of 40 plus years to the Atlanta area. I am a firm believer in the basic tailoring methods which the foundation of my grandfather's legacy rest. So while styles may change, shift, and resurface the basic quality of the trade must never be compromised. I look forward to helping you to create an image that is unimaginable.